The Appalachian Trail Hikers’ Group

I belong to an Appalachian Trail Hikers’ Group on Facebook. But I have never been a long-distance trail hiker. It’s sort of like Cheryl Strayed fever took over me after I read Wild. I mean, I am a hiker (sometimes) and I was even a committed outdoors-woman for one summer when I lived in Wyoming. During those five glorious months, I met myself for the first time in the grind and glory of 10-mile solo hikes through the Tetons. I was 22, and I was alone in the wild world.

And I always envision I will get back to a more dedicated outdoorsy person. My husband does, too.

The latter comment is not entirely the point, though. What is? It has something to do with manifestation and what we put out there for ourselves. The dreams we hold onto.  The fact is, I honestly believe that just by belonging to this online club and being one of them in my imagination can change my reality. And it could change yours.

I’ve lived with a lot of negativity in my life. A lot of negative programming soaked in when I was coming of age, unfortunately. So my attempts to reprogram my belief system has met many challenges along the way. Even as of late, I have spent weeks struggling with my greater purpose as my career of choice involves working with a very different generation than my own, including fighting against all the programming that those kids have already been given.

The end of 2015 and the first two weeks of 2016 now have been dedicated to rebooting, to recharging my internal batteries, even if it has meant serious stewing and lazing on the couch – when possible. Yes, this has even meant bribing my 5-year-old with TV or with a reward for playing by himself for ten minutes.

Holding on to what is dear in our hearts, whatever it is we imagine for ourselves, is vital to our livelihood and success. Reaching for inspiration when our own is low is just as important. It’s part of getting back in the game, rejoining the mountain climbers in their trek toward the summit.

Even if I never hike the Appalachian trail, belonging to a veritable group of such hikers puts energy toward a vision, toward a dream. And that energy will lead me somewhere good.


One thought on “The Appalachian Trail Hikers’ Group

  1. I love this Elizabeth! It reminds me that even though I haven’t realized my full potential of some of my dreams(jewelry artist, decluttering the house, being a healthier person) that even small steps put energy toward those dreams! I just joined a “Less is More” Facebook club because I needed some external motivation. Thanks for writing this! I enjoyed reading it! just joined a “Less is More” Facebook club because I needed some external motivation. Thanks for writing this! I enjoyed reading it!


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