Born in Northern Virginia, I grew up right outside the hustle and bustle of Washington D.C. This made me a hopeless museum snob and a lover of all things real – people especially.

Notable aspects of my childhood: I blushed insufferably whenever attention was turned my way; I lost a friend to a hiking accident in college which shattered my already uncertain religious views; I discovered I had anxiety in my twenties but it went untreated and un-diagnosed for much too long.

When I met my husband, my world opened up. I was allowed to grow into the feminist I always knew I was and could be. So in a way, my life began with him. Thus, I gladly embrace the title of wife.

Some of these stories are definitely rough drafts of thoughts that aren’t quite fully developed. But all of them are shared in hopes of filling in that little space between us all, the space where God just might live.


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